CanAda to Mexico

Cycling Adventure

We're cycling to support children in need and provide them with two essentials: healthcare and education!

"You have to believe it IS possible and make it so.

When you make one thing possible, you make it ALL possible."

-JB Owen

The Adventure Begins

Ignite founders JB Owen and Peter Giesin are spending their summer 2023 on their 4th annual cycling trip! In 2020, they traveled to Canada’s capital and back. In 2021, the duo cycled nearly 7,000km throughout western Canada. In 2022, they traveled a whopping 10,000km coast to coast on their tandem bike!

This year, they’re doing something new and going international. Their 2023 journey takes them through Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Baja California, and Baja California Sur, with their final destination in Cabo San Lucas.


See where their adventure takes them as they Ignite Humanity!

Welcome to our cycling journey! Below, you can find a quick snapshot of where JB and Peter will be cycling this summer. As avid cyclists, they have planned an exciting trip that will take them through picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and challenging routes.

If you want to explore the route in more detail, click on the map image to view the interactive map. The map is designed to help you see the various stops along their journey and learn more about the different regions they will be cycling through.

In addition to the map, you can also see the latest daily updates of their cycling progress along their route. As they make their way through their journey, they will be updating their progress regularly so that you can follow along and share in their adventure.

We hope you enjoy following JB and Peter's journey and experience the beauty of the world through their eyes. Keep checking back for updates on their progress and safe travels to all!

We're interested to know if JB and Peter will be cycling near your location in July or August. If they're in the vicinity, they'd love to meet up with you during their journey. They enjoy meeting their authors in person, sharing meals, engaging in fun activities, and creating memories. To arrange a meetup, please contact Carolina ( and provide your location details so that she can schedule a date. Alternatively, you can use the button below to fill out our Typeform.


Like many of us, the lockdowns of 2020 left JB and Peter feeling stuck, and they wanted to find a way to make the most of an uncertain time. They decided the solution was to do something together that would take them to the great outdoors, so they decided to cycle from Red Deer, AB all the way to Ottawa, ON, all the while raising money for charity and showing others adventure and excitement was possible even during a global pandemic.

After the success of their first trip, JB and Peter decided they would cycle every year to challenge themselves, inspire others, and champion great causes on their journey. In total, JB and Peter have cycled well over 20,000 kilometers!

As they cycled, JB and Peter realized that the moments that truly stuck with them were the moments of genuine, wonderful connection with the kind people they met on their travels. They discovered that no matter what was going on in the world, people almost always led with kindness. 

Being around such amazing individuals from all walks of life showed just how incredible the human spirit is and how precious human connection is

“Humanity is incredible, and I see that every
single time I get up and go out into the world.”

– JB Owen, Wisdom From the Back of a Bike

What does it mean to
ignite humanity?

Ignite Humanity is a global movement started by JB Owen. The idea behind Ignite Humanity is that we can all use our personal stories—including all the complex challenges and transformational moments we have experienced—to connect on a deeper, more profound level.

We can learn so much from other people. You don’t have to be the leader of a nation or the founder of a million-dollar business to inspire and make a change. Change starts with everyday people Igniting themselves and Igniting the lives of others.

We are more powerful when
we do it together.

The Ignite Humanity Canada to Mexico Cycling
Adventure supports 2 incredible initiatives

The school of Hope

We're continuing our School of Hope initiative, which raises money to build schools in impoverished areas so that every child can access education and literacy to Ignite their lives.

We are fundraising to pay for the cost of constructing an entire school out of eco-bricks, which recycle plastic that is currently polluting our earth. Every dollar raised adds one brick to the school, and our mission is to create a space for learning, growth, safety, empowerment, and inspiration, where students can Ignite their lives and grow into the amazing humans they are capable of being.

We’ve already built two eco-brick classrooms, and we can’t wait to do more!

the los cabos children's foundation

With this trip’s finish line set in Los Cabos, Mexico, JB and Peter knew it was the perfect opportunity to support a charity based there, which led them to the incredible Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.

The Foundation runs and supports health and wellness programs for children in the area, prioritizing the health of children who need support for serious sicknesses and illnesses. The Foundation supports many local programs, including cancer treatment programs, intensive care units, and more.

They’ve been around for over 20 years, and have helped nearly 75,000 children get access to the healthcare they need!





Wisdom from the back of a bike
by JB Owen
Coming this august

Stories, inspiration, and wisdom gained from JB Owen’s time on the road cycling throughout Canada.

What started with JB sharing her insights and encounters while on the road through social media and blog posts has now become a full-length book filled with stories that inspire, perspectives that transform, and ideas that empower.

Wisdom from the Back of a Bike features all the incredible wisdom JB has learned from her experiences cycling incredible distances, meeting new people, and challenging herself like never before.

The book contains fresh insight from JB’s original blog posts, plus even more content, including never before seen stories and chapters from JB’s experiences. Wisdom From the Back of a Bike contains three summers worth of uplifting, inspiring, motivating, and transformational stories to Ignite you.

Wisdom From the Back of the Bike
Launches on August 18th

The Ignite Humanity documentary and docuseries is set to film summer 2024, as JB and Peter embark on their cycling trip. The series will feature individuals on screen sharing their powerful Ignite Moments, as well as their perseverance, tenacity, and strength.

Virtually and in person, the Ignite Humanity project will feature a diverse and dynamic group of globally impactful people, along with influential celebrities and powerful change-makers. In tandem with this exciting project is the Ignite Humanity book.

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